Inductive Brazing
Very stable connections

Special form of connection technology

Special form of connection technology
Inductive brazing is a special form of joining technology. It uses the electromagnetic induction effect to generate heat in order to melt a material, which then joins several workpieces when it cools down again.

This process achieves very stable connections due to its accuracy and even temperature distribution. This brazing process can also be used to good effect where access is difficult. Induction is used for annealing, hardening and melting.

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Advantages of induction brazing:

  • Low oxidation of the surfaces due to rapid cooling of the components
  • High tolerance accuracy
  • Wide range of joining possibilities, even of different materials
  • High strength of the joints
  • Short process times due to high energy density
  • Consistent production quality of the components
  • High reproducibility
  • Economic efficiency for large quantities
  • Very fast and accurate soldering process
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