Inductive Brazing
Very stable connections

Special process of joining technology

Inductive soldering is a special joining technique. An electromagnetic field is generated via an inductor, this field is then used specifically to heat the material, which must be electrically conductive. The inductor is precisely positioned over the area to be heated before the process starts. The working temperature is reached very quickly and is monitored, controlled, and maintained by the measurement technology.

The special feature of inductive soldering is that the work area is heated evenly and quickly. This is realized via the electromagnetic field, the adjacent base material is not changed. The process principle of induction is also used in other areas such as annealing, hardening, bonding, and melting.

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Advantages of induction soldering:

  • high and consistent soldering quality through constant heat input
  • various possibilities to connect different materials
  • high strength of the connections
  • short process times due to high energy density
  • precise repeatability
  • high reproducibility
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