MAG (metall active gas welding)

Metal arc welding process

In MAG welding, a wire electrode is melted under inert gas. Metal active gas welding is particularly common in industrial manufacturing for joining metallic materials and allows metals to be permanently joined using intense heat and welding consumables. An electric arc provides the heat input in this fusion welding process. The wire electrode used flows together with the molten base material as a welding filler and contributes to the formation of the weld seam. The process is characterised by a high processing speed and the possibility of automation. It is therefore particularly suitable for industrial applications.

Metal active gas welding

We offer you metal active gas welding as contract work by our experienced welders. A precise analysis of the requirements as well as an expert examination of the weldability are also part of our service.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Highest quality in all welding work
  • Adherence to delivery dates
  • Personal advice from an experienced team

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