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Your manufacturer and supplier of drilling tools and drilling systems for special foundation engineering and drilling operations.

Zipp Industries GmbH &Co. KG offers you the advantages of a company combining three different service areas under one roof. We provide everything from development via manufacturing to global distribution, which enables us to respond flexibly to your needs. Furthermore, our products and services, which we continue to develop further on an ongoing basis and applying state-of-the art technologies, guarantee a high level of quality and safety. We are particularly proud to point out that many years of cooperation with our customers have enabled us to file numerous patent applications, which are also incorporated into parts of our products.

Drilling Systems / Drilling / Accessories

Percussion Drilling

During  percussion drilling, the drilling system is moved in rotating and striking turns also known as “rotary percussion”. It is one of several methods of displacements, which is applied depending on the initial situation with the following tools:

  • lost bit / lost drive point
  • lost bit / lost drive point with bayonet (customer built tools)
  • percussion bit
  • eccentric crown
  • rotary drilling without suspension
  • rotary drilling with suspension, as air, water or cement suspension

Auger Drilling

In practice, auger drilling is predominantly a right turning system. Connections are based on  6 Kt. and 8 Kt. connectors, as well as threaded connections with (or without) mechanical locking.

The connection of the augers works together with snap pins, heavy split pins and U- pins

  • hollow auger bits
  • augers with hexagon adapter

Double Headed Drilling

Double headed drilling is a drilling system working with separately coordinated drilling tools on a rotary drill, a  percussion drill or rotary percussion. Usually, this drilling system works by rotating in opposite direction between outer and inner tubes.

  • outer casing
  • inner tubes with percussion pipes
  • hydraulic drifters

(Internal construction with a hydraulic hammer above the percussion drill pipes, which is placed above the rotary drive)

Overburden Drilling Systems

The overburden drilling system (similar to double/twin head drilling system) has only one rotary drive in one drilling direction.

    • percussion drill bit / D.T.H. Hammer
    • augers with hexagon adapter

(Outer pipes with casing crown, inner tubes with percussion bit)

High-Pressure Injection Drilling

also called jet grouting, distinguishes between:

  • 1-times high- pressure injection drilling
  • 2- times “
  • 3- times ‘‘

All three technologies guarantee an entire soil replacement and a concrete pillar with various depths is built. By air supply, a larger diameter of the pillar can be achieved (2-times, 3-times high-pressure injection drilling).

Accessories / Equipment / Special Tools

  • shank adapters / striking bars
  • rod boxes / casing boxes
  • wearparts
  • protective tubes/pipes
  • spare parts for drilling equipment
  • rotary drive for excavator up to 30 tons
  • jaws, jaw applications, jaw holders
  • hammer wrench
  • tungsten carbide

Sales Partners / Cooperations


  • Switzerland:
    RAP-ROR Service GmbH
    Ebnetstrasse 40
    CH- 6043 Adligenswil
  • Hungary:
    Geokomfort Kft
    Czuczor Gercely u. 15
    H-2151 Fót
  • Russia:
    Leo – 2014 Engineering Group
    Internationalnaja 31,2
  • Agent in Ghana:
    EF & Zipp
    Address: AD 625
    Adabraka Accra

Agent for Metax S.r.l. Italy:

  • Pump units/systems, exclusive for Austria and Germany


  • customs formalities
  • welding
  • transport



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